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  • The push is on! We're getting closer to launch every day, so be the first to tell your friends about the future of the MMOCCG! Log on and check out the official Visions of Zosimos' Facebook page! "Like" us for a chance to join in our Alpha Testing phase and help shape our flagship product! Keep abreast of the latest news and participate in contest for free in-game items, card packs and other prizes!
  • Our official Development Blog on MMORPG.com has a ton of tantalizing knowledge regarding all aspects of Visions of Zosimos. Gameplay basics, elemental profiles, character background and storyline lore – nothing is off-limits on our blog! Come be part of the discussion
  • Our YouTube channel has been revamped, showcasing some of our early alpha gameplay footage, our Visions of Zoismos storyline trailer, and our brand new series of Development Podcasts! Join our team and listen in as we share some exciting background information into the conceptual and developmental history of Forever Interactive’s flagship product, Visions of Zosimos.
  • Since our last update a lot has been going on, many new cards have been released such as Portal to Hell, Invisible Servants, Traitor in the Midst, and more. The artwork is captivating, inspiring, and a perfect thing to add to your collection. Read more about Visions of Zosimos.

    If you plan on attending the Game Developers Conference March 5-9, in San Francisco, California, drop by the Hero Engine Booth where Forever Interactive will be displaying Visions of Zosimos. We will also be handing out closed beta keys!

Visions of Zosimos

Sign up for the Visions of Zosimos Alpha and begin playing today! Email contact@foreverinteractive.com for your code and information

Visions of Zosimos Alpha

Visions of Zosimos' long-awaited Alpha launch is here! During this time, we’ll be vigorously testing all aspects of Visions of Zosimos, tweaking and adjusting values and abilities in order to deliver the most exciting and innovative iteration of the CCG thus far! Our development team has been hard at work since VoZ's inception, and we know you're going to be blown away by the sweeping graphical and gameplay updates we've made since displaying an early Pre-alpha version at GDC 2012.

Kickstarter Update

VoZ Kickstarter ends, in 12 more days! Don't miss out your chance to get awesome rewards, visit our Kickstarter page!

Game Developers Conference

FI will be showcasing VoZ at the Hero Engine Booth during the Expo, so come by and check us out! We will be giving away Closed Beta Keys!

Game Developers Conference, March 5-9, 2012, at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California.

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