We will lead by example in becoming the benchmark of Indie Game Development in the Midwest.


We believe by fostering an environment for creativity and quality of life, gives the student emerging into the gaming job market an outlet to produce innovative games attune to the birth of our industry.


We are committed to creating responsible and mature games that appeal to all types of gamers as well as enlightening others.



You are a recent graduate or student from a local Midwest school. You've earned a degree in one of the many gaming fields. You contact every gaming company in the tri-state area. You follow up on many leads
waiting for any entry level position to open up. Months go by and you remain stagnant.


The Midwest gaming scene is very small and extremely difficult, compared to other major U.S. venues, to get in to. There are tons of similar people in your situation in the Midwest, all fighting for the same entry level jobs. Most jobs require Senior level experience or having at least 1 shipped game under your belt. This is rather difficult considering alot of students are coming into this field.
Many of you are in this same situation as many uf us are. We are born out of neccessity and there is strength in numbers.

Profit Sharing:

Bringing a talented group of people to come together UNPAID to work for the ULTIMATE profits in Royalties. This model has proven successful for many old and current Start Up Indie Game Developers.


Learn your chosen gaming field right out of the box. No grabbing coffee or testing games just to get in the door. Ability to try other areas of expertise without being pigeon holed into 1 job. You OWN a part the company you work for. No publisher breathing down your neck making you create the games they want. A sense of family and quality of life. Innovation and sense of accomplishment. Design your
own studio. Instant experience in an overcrowded field. Having one shipped title under your belt. More experience than you can imagine. Advancement opportunities and countless other benefits far too numerous to mention...

Checks & Balances:

This model is based on investing in students and entry level gamers who have the passion but not the outlet. It allows the student to invest in themselves and gives the knowledge and ability to learn while making strides in moving forward on an otherwise stagnant career choice. It will enable the entry level gamer to stay in the Midwest and not have to move far away from his/her family to make it in this
business. Once the student is invested into a project they place more value on its outcome and strive to make the game the best it can be. It's a win win combination.

Who is Eligible:

Lanyone who is lost and has talent. Anyone who wants to be in the gaming field so bad he/she will do anything to attain this goal. Anyone with the undying passion to learn this industry. Someone who is self motivated and able to self teach. People who are fun and energetic. Optimism is crucial to maintain the course. Anyone who has tried to get into the industry and has proved unsuccessful. Someone who has
been in the industry and is now sick of the publishers screwing innovation and stagnating a once great artform. Anyone who wants to make a difference in the evolution of gaming not only in the Midwest but industry wide. Finally, someone who believes in themselves when others may have not. Forever Interactive IS your outlet.